TMS GmbH is a Provider of rubber compounds, row materials and adhesives.

We specialize in the sales of rubber compounds for the most varied of applications. Our standard product range comprises a multitude of formulas that are constantly being improved and expanded. TMS GmbH has an experienced team of chemists and development engineers who has developed a range of compounds that meets the needs of the most varied of standards. TMS GmbH compounds are produced in a wide range of forms for delivery, customized to meet the requirements of the individual production process.

We provide you with the right compound and the optimal solution for  your application. All the following aspects are taken into account  when choosing the right compound: chemical and temperature  resistance, skin tolerance, colour, hardness, module values and  certification in the different areas.

TMS GmbH Create bespoke formulations for your unique requirements. Our experiences are spread over a large number of polymer types such as the following Compounds:

  • Natural rubber                                    NR
  • Isoprene rubber                                  IR
  • Butadiene rubber                                BR
  • Styrene butadiene rubber                   SBR
  • Chloroprene                                       CR
  • Nitrile rubber                                      NBR
  • EPDM rubber                                     EPDM
  • Ethylene acrylic rubber                       AEM
  • Butyl rubber                                       IIR
  • Acrylate rubber                                   ACM

TMS GmbH Compounding can help you to develop new custom compound formulations to meet your exact specification, tailored to your individual process needs.

Some other applications of our production in Automotive industry:

  •           Timing belts
  •           Anti-vibration products
  •           Under bonnet components
  •           EPDM components
  •           HNBR engine components

TMS GmbH Compounding offer all forms of presentations of compound including:

  •     Strip
  •     Slab
  •     Calendared
  •     Extruded
  •     Wig wag

Production Testing

Every batch of rubber compound produced by TMS GmbH Compounding is tested meticulously for various properties, including; hardness and MDR testing for every ‘cures in’ batch.

Masterbatch compounds are tested for specific gravity and ML1+4.

To ensure conformity across the production run, the anti-tack strength is analysed in-house, every shift.

Rubber packing temperature is also monitored to ensure conformance.

Specific Testing

In order to meet your bespoke, rubber compounding needs specific testing that could be completed upon request in our on-site Technical center.

  • Tensile Testing
  • Tear Strength
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Heat ageing Testing
  • MDR Rheometer
  • Dispergrader for dispersion analysis
  • Compression Set
  • Volume Swells
  • Electrical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance


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